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Looking for a script that allows you to provide players with questions and reward them with valuable items, such as a driving license or gun license, upon successful completion? Look no further! Our script is here to meet your needs. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily place peds and markers on the map to activate the exams. In addition, our admin menu allows you to create, edit, and delete exams effortlessly. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to define the actions that will occur after a success or failure by coding it using Lua or seeking assistance from our team. Experience the convenience of our modern UI.


 Place Peds anywhere:  Our config provides multiple options for placing peds and markers anywhere

 Admin Menu: You can create, edit, and delete exams directly from the game without the need for restarts. This gives you full control over the exam content and allows for easy management.

Customization Options: With our script, you have the flexibility to customize actions after a player succeeds or fails. You can either use Lua coding or seek assistance from our team to tailor the experience to your liking.

Multilingual Support: Our script is translatable into any language, with English, Czech, and French being already premade, but you can add your own.

Anti-Cheat Protection: Our script is secured against cheaters, requiring admin privileges for any action except loading the exam. This ensures your exams not being deleted or edited by a hacker

Customer Support: We offer fast response support, so if you need any help with adding or modifying anything in the script, we are here to assist you.

Payment Integration: Our script allows you to take a fee from the player before entering the exam.

Compatibility: Our script supports multiple target systems, including qb-target, ox_target, and qtarget. You can also add more targets using Lua scripting.

Text Display Options: You can choose to use the text display options provided by ox_lib and qbcore drawtext, or utilize the native 2dtext and 3dtext.

Data Management: All data related to the exams and player progress is securely saved in your database, ensuring easy tracking and management.


User interface for player


After completing the exam


Admin - list of all exams


Admin - editing the exam

The editing UI has a similar appearance to the UI used for creating exams, with the only difference being that it already contains prewritten data for your convenience.