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Valet Job





With this resource, you can take a step into the world of valet services, where you and your friends will experience the thrill of handling luxurious cars and delivering top-notch service.

🎮 Fully Compatible: This exciting resource seamlessly integrates with both the latest QB-core and ESX framework, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.

💼 Take Charge: Interact with our configurable NPC to access a custom User Interface, where you and your fellow players can initiate the valet job and keep track of the players.

🚘 Handle with Care: Customers will arrive with their beloved cars, and it's your responsibility to take the keys and skillfully park them in designated spots. Your promptness and precision will be rewarded with customizable payments.

Time is Ticking: As the clock ticks, customers will return for their cars. Spot their highlighted vehicles and swiftly deliver them to the designated spot in front of the hotel.

🚫 Consequences for Misbehavior: Play fair! Attempting to steal a customer's car will alert the police department of your actions, leading to expulsion from the job.


  • 5 pre-made locales (en, cs, de, es, pt)
  • Multiplayer: Play with as many players you want
  • Custom notifications support: we are supporting qb | okok | es.lib | brutal | b-dev | ox, but you can add your own
  • Custom NUI for starting/stopping the job
  • Peds will not crash into each other
  • When parking, a box will be shown where you need to park
  • When returning a vehicle, the vehicle will have outline so you can locate it quickly
  • Everything is configurable


NUI for Starting and Stopping the job


Default outfit for player (can be configured)



QB: QBCore, QB-Target, ox_lib, PolyZone, baseevents (default cfx resource)

ESX: qtarget/ox_target, ox_lib, PolyZone, mysql-async/ox_mysql (optional), baseevents (default cfx resource)


0.0ms idle, 0.07ms max while parking (due to polyzone)

Escrow Notice

This resource is partly encrypted using FiveM escrow system. Only unlocked files are: config.lua, locales.lua and files located in the "custom" folders.