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Ambulance Job





With this resource, players can take on the role of an ambulance driver tasked with responding to calls from injured NPCs throughout the game world. The script will randomly pick a location and the starting health conditions, which the NPC will have and players need to respond to these situations in a timely manner.

Once the player arrives at the location, they will need to assess the NPC's injuries and provide medical assistance. The player has access to basic medical equipment and skills, such as checking the current BPM, temperature, bleeding and if the NPC is conscious. If the health conditions are not ideal, the player can use some of their tools (adrenaline injection and a heating blanket) to stabilize the status. 

The injured ped can also spawn without a heartbeat, in which case you have to start CPR using a minigame.

Once the NPC is stabilized, the player will need to transport them to the nearest hospital. The hospital location will be marked on the player's map. After dropping the NPC at the hospital, player gets paid configurable amount of money.

Overall, our ambulance job script is an entertaining and challenging game that puts players in the driver's seat of an ambulance and challenges them to use their medical and driving abilities to save lives and gain money. 


  • Start the job by using a menu activated by command
  • Configure the script to your liking using the huge supplied config (around 400 lines by default)
  • Translate the script to your own wanted language (almost all strings editable, some even with formatting - payments)
  • Around 40 pre-configured incident locations
  • Editable blips (name, icon, colour)
  • Configurable dispatch randomizer (time after it's ran)
  • Support for additional peds, animations and custom starting health states
  • Complex health system with BPM, temperature and bleeding - ped can die if their status is too bad
  • Includes a simple CPR minigame (using qb-skillbar, ox_lib or custom)
  • Fitting animations
  • Support for 5 most used notification systems (default, okok, es.lib, brutal, b-dev or custom)
  • Discord logging support


Revive Menu

menus are now using ox_lib


Healing Menu


Diagnose Menu


Discord Logging



  • QBCore or ESX
  • QB-Target, qtarget or ox_target
  • ox_lib


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This resource is partly encrypted using FiveM escrow system. Only unlocked file is config.lua and some modules