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Hitman Job




Features of this resource

  • Start job by calling Lester by street phone or burner phone (item)
  • Huge config with everything you would need
  • 10 predefined locations with ability to add more
  • Payout is configurable for each npc
  • Police alert when you use the phone
  • 15 minutes to complete the job (configurable)
  • 10 minutes cooldown (configurable)
  • Logic that will describe the ped to the player in email (must describe the ped in the config)
  • 90% of the code is on the server side
  • Ped will only spawn when player is near
  • When 2 players start the mission, it will not choose the same location
  • There will be packs with predefined locations for you to claim for free in our discord server
  • Webhooks when player completes a mission with amount of crypto he got.
  • Configurable Mail Responses
  • Define a phone zone or select a model
  • Configurable ped scenarios


0.00, max 0.04


QBCore or ESX

QB-Target, qtarget or ox_target


This resouce is partly encrypted using Fivem Escrow