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Vehicle Burglary




This script will allow your players to rob npc cars. The script will not give player any items if the vehicle is owned by a player or was robbed before. 


  • Well optimized
  • Player Vehicles cannot be robbed
  • Vehicles robbed by another player cannot be robbed again
  • Lot of checks (Client and Server Side) to avoid cheaters
  • Choose how many items player will get (min - max)
  • Choose what items can player get
  • Robbery can be started with command, keybind or your own custom logic.
  • Chance that police will be called after robbery (can be bound to anything using roblogic.lua)
  • Player can cancel the robbery at any time.
  • Discord support
  • Works on the newest QB version
  • Promised updates


  • QBCore or ESX
  •  Any inventory script
  • Oxmysql
  • ox_lib

This script is partly encrypted using Fivem Escrow